It is unlikely that new members will have to fill out an application to join because the group is open to all Catholics who want to be part of the movement.

Though no exact or definite rules exist in publication concerning joining the Archangelati, the below breakdown is an approximation of most members' required status:

  • Is an active Roman Catholic and in full communion with the Church and His Holiness, the current Pope
  • Has received his/her First Communion though Confirmation is recommended (to ensure knowledge of subject matter in members)
  • Able and willing to defend the Catholic Church online and participate as often as possible
  • Of at least 15 years of age though age is not a large factor and is subject to change bsed upon spirituality
  • An active (non-silent) member of the pro-life movement in his/her community

However, due to the number of false Catholics that have tried to join the group spreading false teachings such as sedevacantism or pro-choice (also known as anti-life) ideas, tighter restrictions are to be made and official rules are in the process of creation.

These tighter restrictions are to be addressed in the constitution of the group and possibly an oath of allegiance to the Catholic Church and its teachings.