Several of us collaborated to create a wikipedia article on the movement but after about a week it was deleted. But, luckily, it was saved in the Wikibin and you can see it at:

though, it is much less exhaustive of the information currently displayed on this Wikia site. Fear not, for as we grow in numbers, we also grow in strength and our love of all that is good can not deter us. We must try again. We must openly mark ourselves as members of the Archangelati in our youtube descriptions, on our blogs, on our Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.... whatever online place we may place or state it, we should. And so I urge you, my brothers and sisters to never lose hope in our battle against evil.

  • "Your enemy the devil, like a roaring lion, prowls round looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8.

The forces of Evil will always try to heckle Truth, Love, Purity and all things that are of and from the Holy Father. This is nothing new- yet with the assistance of the Lord, for Whom we work tirelessly, with the guidance of the Son, Whom we love so dearly, and with the strength provided to us through the Holy Spirit Who blesses the righteous- we shall prevail! Vive Archangelati!

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