John Calvin, the man who founded the Christian denomination of Calvinism based on the fundamentals of predestination especially.

Calvinism is a Protestant denomination chiefly concerned with the idea of predestination, a concept similar to fatalism, one that pruports that we have no control over our actions in life, that all things are controlled by God. It was started by John Calvin in 1534 with a particular influence in Geneva, Swizerland.

Main BeliefsEdit


Calvinsm focuses most on the concept of predestination, the idea that God exercises complete control over the world and its inhabitants. It attests to the idea that some are marked by God at birth to be accepted into heaven while others are to be rejected in the same manner. Simple critiscism and refutation of this topic is free will of all as expressed in the Bible itself.

Five SolasEdit

The five solas are the basic fundamental views of most Protestants defining their beliefs, as expressed below.

  1. Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone)
  2. Sola fide (Faith alone)
  3. Sola gratia (Grace alone)
  4. Solus Christus (Christ alone)
  5. Soli Deo gloria (Glory to God alone)

Five Points of Calvinism (TULIP)Edit

Calvinism stresses its beliefs in the five points, a dictation of all Calvinist teachings and doctrine in summation.

Total depravity/inabilityEdit

Total depravity (or inability) refers to people's natural bondage in sin due to people's natural sinful nature. This concept is similar to the idea of Original Sin.

Unconditional electionEdit

God has a choice of all people to be saved for all eternity and is unalterable seeing as God knows everything that is to come, being it that he willed it so.

Limited atonementEdit

The atonement of Jesus' death on the cross is said by Calvinists to not have been for all peopl as some will through no fault of their own be condemned by God, a choice that they cannot change.

Irresistible graceEdit

God's grace is wholeome and pure and will be powerful enough to save any of the elect, however, those not destined to heaven will be cast beyond this grace and cannot be saved through any effort. Just as likewise will the elect be saved through every possible effort that God has ordained.

Perseverance of the saintsEdit

The saints (people on earth) through no action can change the will of God. Should a person be determined to eternal life, God will ensure that they do not fall away from Christ or that they will return to Him at some point.