Abortion is an evident problem in the society of today and the Archangelati makes it one of their goals to end this evil.

The Archangelati views any abortion or termination of a God-given life as ultimately wrong and even evil in the eyes of the Catholic Church and God himself. The belief of them and the Church is that all life has a right to live free of another's "choice" for the infant, born or unborn.

Definition of LifeEdit

The views of science itself on the definition of living things protests greatly against abortion. Life is defined as having:

  • Maintenance of homeostasis (a regulation of environment)
  • Organization in structure (a structure of cells)
  • Metabolism (use and storage of energy)
  • Growth (over any period of time)
  • Adaptation (learning over any period of time)
  • Responses to stimuli
  • The ability to reproduce (on a cellular or orgnismic level or anything in between)

Clearly, an unborn infant has all of these and so could be concluded as living.

Abortion Considered MurderEdit

Murder is any killing of a life, such as that of an unborn baby. At this point, abortion becomes an ethical and religious debate. In the Ten Commandments is contained God's order: "Thou shall not kill." He means by this not to kill any life, regardless of the current position. Because a baby is in the end fully alive, it is considered murder to abort an unborn baby.

Religious StanceEdit

Most religions, especially Christianity, view abortion as wrong as it is in violation of their respective moral and ethincal values.